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Vegetable planting cooperatives in Hunan provide vegetables for Hubei amid epidemic

By Xinhua -

A total of 60 tonnes of vegetables donated by several local vegetable planting cooperatives set off for Hubei Province on Monday from a vegetable industrial park in Hanshou County of Hunan Province. Hunan has provided more than 613 tonnes of vegetables for Hubei Province through a variety of channels since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Chinese Fashion Cheers for China: After donating 300 million RMB, BOSIDENG shines at London Fashion Week

By Anonym -

A first show at London Fashion Week for Chinese down jacket brand BOSIDENG turned into a dramatic statement of support for China. “GO CHINA!” was the message supported by friends of China from all over the world attending the event, prompting huge interest from global media and coverage on the internet and social media.

Don't let patent debate waste our efforts


Public interest and social well-being uphold the prosperity of our civilization. Law and order ought to secure the truth rather than lead to undesirable controversy. Recently a patent application on the use of Remdesivir against COVID-19 by a Chinese institute raises a question as to the nature of patent medicine as well as the policy of patent law.