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Zhuhai & Macao collaborate in coronavirus fight
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Zhuhai & Macao collaborate in coronavirus fight

Guangdong reported 26 new cases, raising the total number to 1,177 as of 24:00, February 10th. The province reported 1 death in total, and a total of 181 people have been discharged from hospital. A total of 148 suspected cases were reported and 3,093 people are under observation.

Zhuhai, Guangdong province and the neighboring Macao Special Administrative Region have been working closely in the fight against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. At present, the two places have set up a joint prevention and treatment mechanism for sharing information about confirmed cases, treatment plans, epidemic prevention and control measures and port management.

Under the mechanism, Zhuhai and Macao have been sharing information such as case details, medical treatments, epidemic control measures and checkpoint operations carried out daily at 10 am, 3 pm and 5 pm. More than 240 messages have been exchanged thus far.

Furthermore, a high-level and extensive network for epidemic control has been put in place, which includes cooperation in terms of checkpoints, police and medical transfers as well as personnel such as top government officials, medical workers, community workers and security guards

After the coronavirus outbreak, many Macao residents purchased medical materials from overseas and donated them to Zhuhai, so as to support the fight against coronavirus. Latest statistics show that Zhuhai has received 250,000 medical masks and over 8,500 pieces of protective clothing donated by Macao.

In addition, Zhuhai Wanzai Port resumed operations on January 23rd, opening from 12:45 to 22:00 every day. The ferry now runs every 30 minutes.

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