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YANG Guangbin: Advantages of China’s National Governance Theory Fully Exploited in the Pandemic
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YANG Guangbin: Advantages of China’s National Governance Theory Fully Exploited in the Pandemic

As cases of Omicron variant reported in many Western countries, China has contained the spread of the pandemic and has strongly managed to change the dangerous course of the virus, protecting the lives and health of the population to the maximum level.

Professor YANG Guangbin, Dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, sees the strength of China’s state governance in the fight against this pandemic.

In an interview to “WE Talk” of China News Service, YANG said that the practice of preventing and controlling COVID-19 provides a good case study for comparing national politics.

“Faced with the same governance crisis in the same period, different nations adopted different countermeasures. It reflected the strengths and weaknesses of different systems profoundly and vividly,” YANG said.

In YANG’s view, the advantages of China’s national governance theory have been fully exploited in the fight against the pandemic, so as to contain the spread of the pandemic quickly.

For example, China will do whatever it takes to protect the lives and health of its people. The “system concentrating nationwide effort and resources on key national undertakings” realizes the cooperative governance between the state and society, which shows that the system has strong governance capacity.

The deep structure of the system and state governance capacity is the organizational principle of democratic centralism, which ensures the coordination and integration of institutions. It becomes an important guarantee of China’s state governance capacity.

“By combining Marxist theory with traditional Chinese social governance, the CPC has formed a social governance pattern featuring party committee leadership, government leadership, social participation and residents autonomy, building a situation of good social governance in which the interests of the state and the people coincide,and to bring benefits to both state and society,” YANG said.

The CPC’s governance and mobilization is guided by the mass line. It opened up channels for people to express their interests, increased their political participation, and developed their sense of social responsibility. At the same time, the main body of governance is pluralistically and unified, rather than multi-centric and decentralized.

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