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World's largest civil hospital ship sets sail from Tianjin
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World's largest civil hospital ship sets sail from Tianjin

The world's largest civil hospital ship took to the seas in early July in the coastal city by Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Co Ltd.

The vessel, made for US charity organization Mercy Ships, will sail for Africa to provide free medical services and training for African doctors, joining with the existing three vessels of the organization.

With a length of 174.1 meters, a width of 28.6 meters and displacement of 37,300 tons, the new ship has 12 decks, 277 rooms and 641 beds, and can accommodate 950 people, according to the Mercy Ships.

The ship has become the largest civil hospital ship serving non-official use in the world.

It was designed on luxury cruise ship standards, with its decorations based on European standards and comes fully equipped with medical facilities.

The construction of the vessel took two years.

Mercy Ships already owns three civil hospital ships but are were all refitted from second-hand ships.

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