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WeChat mini-program eases health declarations at border
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WeChat mini-program eases health declarations at border

The customs authority updated its WeChat mini-program on Saturday to better facilitate health declarations by people crossing the border.

After the update, travelers will not need to choose the port for declaration beforehand. They can declare their health information 24 hours before coming to the checkpoint and the information can be processed at any traveler checkpoint nationwide, according to the Guangdong branch of the General Administration of Customs.

The international version of the WeChat mini-program for health declaration launched on Friday allows English input.

It takes less than two minutes to complete the health declaration using the mini-program, which helps prevent the infection risk incurred in filling the paper form at one place and speeds up the declaration process.

Travelers only need to present a code they receive after making the health declaration on the mini-program and passing the body temperature check.

The previous version came online at 11:50 pm on Jan 25 and between that time and Saturday, 68,0526 WeChat users used the mini-program. Yi

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