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University students start online short-video relay race
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University students start online short-video relay race

An online short video relay race -- "Me and My Alma Mater" -- has kicked off and students of Peking University, Xiamen University and Shaanxi Normal University led the event by releasing short-videos paying tribute to their alma mater.

Their videos feature stories of young students who have joined the country's poverty-alleviation efforts, and the key progress the institutions have made in fostering talent and conducting scientific research.

The event has been drawing young students from across China to share their stories, which not only reflect their feelings for the nation's development in the last five years but also their expectation of the country's future, according to the organizer.

Other varsities including Zhejiang University, Lanzhou University and Tianjin University have also joined the event by posting their own short-videos on social media platforms.

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