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UN official underscores importance of communication in COVID-19 fight
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UN official underscores importance of communication in COVID-19 fight

There was a need for stakeholders to understand the importance of communication in the fight against COVID-19, a United Nations (UN) official said on Thursday.

"The fight against coronavirus is not only a fight against a virus but also a fight against misinformation," UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia Coumba Mar Gardio said.

In remarks delivered when she visited a COVID-19 Call Center, the UN official noted that the Center supported by the UN will go a long way in helping provide information to the public on the pandemic, according to a release.

It will also help in correcting myths and misconceptions that people receive every day through myriad ways, she added.

The UN, she said, was supporting risk communication and community engagement by not only giving information to the public but also listening to them and tailoring messages accordingly as the pandemic evolves.

She noted that community members have a key role to play in fighting the pandemic hence the need to provide them with accurate information.

She further noted that with support from cooperating partners, the UN has contributed to ongoing efforts by the government in building the capacity of health workers and helping strengthen surveillance in communities and procurement of personal protective equipment, among others. 

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