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Two network anchors fined for tax evasion
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Two network anchors fined for tax evasion

Two network anchors will be fined for tax evasion, the tax department of Hangzhou, the capital city of east China's Zhejiang Province said Monday.

Hangzhou's tax authorities found that the two anchors, Zhu Chenhui and Lin Shanshan, evaded individual income tax between 2019 and 2020 by setting up sole proprietorship enterprises in provincial-level regions including Shanghai, Guangxi and Jiangxi, and used fictitious business deals to convert their individual incomes into the revenues of their sole proprietorship enterprises.

Zhu was ordered to pay about 65.55 million yuan (10.25 million U.S. dollars) in unpaid taxes, late fees and fines, while Lin was asked to pay over 27.67 million yuan.

Tax authorities said they will work to promote awareness of tax compliance among employees in the cultural and entertainment sectors.

Tax authorities will also strengthen investigation on those suspected of tax evasion, they said, while pledging to create a tax environment for fair competition and promote the long-term, standardized and healthy development of the cultural and entertainment sectors.

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