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Twin pandas meet the public at Beijing Zoo
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Twin pandas meet the public at Beijing Zoo

A pair of twin pandas met the public at the Beijing Zoo Sunday, bringing the zoo's panda population to ten. 

The twin sisters, Mengbao and Mengyu, arrived in Beijing on September 10. Born in May 2018 in Sichuan Province, each of them now weighs 40 kg.

The pandas were kept in quarantine for a month and have gradually adapted to the new environment in Beijing, said Ma Tao, who is responsible for taking care of the pandas at the zoo. 

They have not only gained weight but also learned to get and eat bamboo on their own, Ma added. 

The zoo has been cooperating with a panda breeding center in Sichuan in recent years, said Zhang Chenglin, the zoo's deputy director. The twins' three brothers, born in Sichuan, also live in the Beijing Zoo.

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