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Twin cubs born in major South China tiger zoo
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Twin cubs born in major South China tiger zoo

Two South China tiger cubs were born in October in China's primary zoo housing the rare species, bringing the total number of such tigers in the zoo to 50, the zoo said Friday.

The twin cubs, Yan Yan and Xue Xue, were born on Oct. 3 and now weighs 7.5 kg and 6.5 kg, respectively.

After three months of meticulous care by the keepers, they have passed the critical period and can start outdoor activities.

Beef and milk are their staple foods, and each can eat about 250 grams of beef with nutrients such as vitamin and cod liver oil at every meal, according to Liu Zhaoyang, deputy director of the Wangcheng Park Zoo in the city of Luoyang in central China's Henan Province.

The South China tiger is a rare kind of tiger endemic to China. The city of Luoyang began raising the species in 1985 and has the greatest number of South China tigers in China. 

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