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The team of Chinese Ice Hockey Institute who participated in the national championship for the first time has attracted attention
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The team of Chinese Ice Hockey Institute who participated in the national championship for the first time has attracted attention

The 2021 National Men's Ice Hockey Championship has finished today in Yanqing, Beijing. The China Ice Hockey College team of Beijing Sports University is a new team participating for the first time. Although the team lost more than won the game, the team played very tenaciously and often had bright spots, which attracted the attention of the hockey industry.

According to Chunlu Wang, dean of the China Ice Hockey Institute and a former famous Chinese short-track speed skater, the China Ice Hockey Institute is a secondary college of Beijing Sports University. However, the children studying at the China Ice Hockey Institute are not college students. They are middle school students between the ages of 14 and 18. Specifically, the China Ice Hockey Sports Institute is an ice hockey youth training platform, recruiting children with a certain hockey foundation and aiming to apply for college or become a professional (professional) hockey player.

The China Ice Hockey Sports Institute was founded in 2018 and began recruiting students in April 2018. Chunlu Wang said that the college has more than 50 children after continuous screening and elimination from the earliest 300 children.

It has been three years since these players entered the China Ice Hockey Institute at the age of 14 or 15. This year, some players have been admitted to Beijing Sports University, Capital Institute of Physical Education, and other universities by virtue of their ice hockey expertise.

Participating in the National Ice Hockey Championships is the first time that the China Ice Hockey Sports Institute has participated in the country's highest-level ice hockey tournament.

Although the team was very young, there was no fear on the field, especially on the first day of the game against the Chongqing team, which was mainly composed of professional members of Qiqihar, and the Chinese Ice Academy once took the lead in the score.

The two teams drew in the final match, and the ice court team was not defeated by Chongqing with a golden ball in extra time.

Although the game was defeated reluctantly, the Chinese ice hockey team impressed the domestic hockey community and greatly stimulated the confidence of the management, coaches, and players of the Chinese ice hockey team.

Chunlu Wang said that the children who come to the ice hockey institute are full of enthusiasm for ice hockey, and the ice hockey institute also hopes to use the national youth training platform to help players go further on the ice hockey road.

Chunlu Wang indicated that at present, the students studying at the China Ice Hockey Institute are mainly from the northeast, and there are also a small number of children in Beijing.

According to national policy, the China Ice Academy is a youth training institution for public welfare and does not charge any fees to students.

In the three years since its establishment, the China Ice Institute has never recruited students except for the first time.

According to Chunlu Wang, according to the development plan of the China Ice Institute, students will be recruited across the country every year in the future.

As a national ice hockey youth training platform, who was originated under the east wind of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the China Ice Academy not only aims to improve students' hockey skills but also takes their virtues as its task.

Chunlu Wang maintained we can't always fight when it comes to ice hockey. In fact, there are many hockey players abroad who are positive role models, and we also hope that all the children coming out of the ice hockey court are excellent young people with excellent comprehensive quality.

At the National Championships, the China Ice Academy required the players to clean up the house and take away all the rubbish every time they left the locker room, which is to improve the overall quality of the team members through trivial things.

With the end of the national championships today, the ice academy team, participating for the first time, successfully completed the task of testing and training by competition, accumulated competition experience and learning from strong teams.

Xiaoliang Wang, head coach of the China Ice Academy team, praised that the performance of the team exceeded expectations. The children not only showed the contents of their usual training in the competition but the unity and fighting spirit of the whole team were gratifying. In particular, the team, in the face of adversity, did not give up, has demonstrated the hope of it.

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