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The Invitation from Shihezi, a Splendid City in China!

The high buildings stand close to each other, the night presents its glamourous scenes, the rivers are rushing, and the wind is soughing in the pines; this city is like the arcadia where you can view mountains, listen to the wind, and get immersed in flowers - this is Shihezi, a city in north-western China. From the modern streets to the city landscape, which shows the harmony between people and nature, and from sunrise to sunset, the video will show you the look and vitality of a real Chinese city.


Located on the southern edge of the Gurbantunggut Desert, the second largest desert in China, Shihezi was once a Gobi wasteland with no trees for birds in Xinjiang. After 70 years of development, Shihezi now has 2,680 hectares of green space, and the green coverage has reached 43% in the built-up area; more than 100 kinds of flowers and plants and over 2.3 million trees in the city have created the green backbone of the city, making it the "Pearl of the Gobi". In 2002, Shihezi was awarded the Dubai International Award for Best Practices of Improving the Living Environment by the United Nations.


Despite being a small city on the edge of the desert, it has achieved remarkable results in terms of economic and social development and urban construction, ranking among the best in China and even the world in many industries and fields such as industry and agriculture. Shihezi has risen on the edge of the remote inland desert, presenting a new look and vibrant energy to the world.


"I have been to many places, and this city is the youngest; it is so beautiful that one falls in love at first sight ......" Ai Qing, the famous Chinese poet, once left a poem for Shihezi, which also gave the city a different kind of romance. Shihezi is a young city, founded just over 70 years ago, but its rapid development has made it change with each passing day. The unique chessboard-style urban planning has given the city's industrial parks, commercial service areas, cultural and educational areas, residential areas as well as parks and squares a well-arranged, clean, and tidy appearance. A face on the outside with a temperament on the inside is the image that describes the future charm of Shihezi.


You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the mountains and rivers, feel the secular warmth in the streets, experience the vitality and inclusiveness of the city, and taste the romantic poetry of the city...... Shihezi is full of slow-paced life tones but exudes vitality and vigour everywhere. After years of development, this young city has developed a unique trajectory, and people have gained more happiness and satisfaction from the city's development.


There are flowers to enjoy in spring, peaches to pick and melons to taste in summer, bountiful harvests to reap in autumn, and snowy cliffs to view in winter. The city has its own unique beauty and is attracting people from all over the world to explore and discover it in a friendly and accommodating manner.

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