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Pic story: skillful crab catcher in NW China's Xinjiang

By Xinhua -

Memet Gheni, a 28-year-old farmer who used to plant cotton, was recommended to work at a fish farm of Lop Lake by his friends in March this year. Lop Lake is a natural lake located in northeast Taklimakan Desert. Over the past years, the production of fish and crabs kept increasing as Lop Lake's surrounding eco-system improved. Having been working at the fish farm for half a year, Memet Gheni has become a skillful crab catcher. His annual income is expected to reach nearly 100,000 yuan (about 14,750 U.S. dollars) from crab-catching and farmland circulation. Now he has a new aim: to buy a car and have a road trip with his family in near future.