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Transportation hubs witness peak of return passengers as eight-day holiday ends

By Xinhua -

Transportation hubs in China are witnessing the peak of return passengers as the eight-day holiday ends on Thursday. China celebrates its National Day on Oct. 1, and the weeklong holiday this year has been extended to Oct. 8 as it overlapped with the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional festival symbolizing family reunion that falls on Aug. 15 on the lunar calendar. 

Railway brings hope of shaking off poverty to residents in mountainous areas

By Xinhua -

Compared with high-speed trains in many parts of China, the train 5633/5634 running through Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture seems outdated and slow. But for the local residents living in the remote mountainous areas, the train, which has served for over 30 years with constant ticket price, not only brings them to the outside destinations but also brings them hope of shaking off poverty.