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Beijing students start online classes on April 13, other cities mull school schedules

By Global Times -

Students in Beijing including those from high schools and primary schools will start lessons online for this semester from April 13, the Beijing education department said Monday, as education departments in multiple Chinese cities map out the beginning of the first semester in 2020 due to the improvement of the epidemic situation in China. 

Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing operates smoothly, orderly

By Xinhua -

Xiaotangshan Hospital, which was previously used to quarantine SARS patients in Beijing, saw its first patient of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) discharged after recovery on Monday. The hospital, located in the city's northern suburb, was renovated and put into operation on March 16 for the screening and treatment of imported mild and common confirmed COVID-19 cases, suspected cases and those who need to be tested. The hospital is operating smoothly and orderly. As of Sunday, it received 2,002 people from overseas. A total of 43 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported from the hospital. In the treatment and control of SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which spread rapidly on the Chinese mainland in 2003, Beijing built Xiaotangshan Hospital, a temporary medical center, in just a week.