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Shanghai to launch new campaigns against COVID-19
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Shanghai to launch new campaigns against COVID-19

Shanghai will start a series of campaigns on Friday to cut off all COVID-19 transmission chains in communities as soon as possible, local authorities said.

Tiered community control measures will be carried out to minimize the movements and gatherings of people, according to the arrangements of the municipal committee of the Communist Party of China and the local government.

Shanghai will also adopt different policies for COVID-19 testing and screening in different areas.

Shanghai has divided the whole city into areas belonging to three categories as part of its targeted efforts to overcome the recent resurgence, which are closed-off management areas, restrictive control areas, and prevention areas.

Other campaigns include carrying out epidemiological investigations, traditional Chinese medicine intervention, as well as cleaning and disinfection.

Shanghai reported 2,634 local confirmed cases and 15,861 local asymptomatic carriers on Wednesday, the municipal health commission said Thursday. 

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