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Shanghai recruits nearly 28,000 volunteers to fight epidemic
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Shanghai recruits nearly 28,000 volunteers to fight epidemic

Since the Shanghai Volunteers Association launched an initiative online to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic on Jan. 28, the city as of Tuesday noon had recruited 27,874 volunteers with an aggregate service time exceeding 130,000 hours.

In eight days, the volunteers stepping forward to the front lines of the epidemic battle added manpower to the megacity's virus prevention and control efforts, and brought warmth and belief to tens of millions of Shanghai citizens.

The volunteers mainly comprise members of the Communist Party of China, medical and health workers, as well as first responders with professional skills, according to the municipal office of the spiritual civilization development commission.

They have guarded residential communities, airports, railway and subway stations, ferry wharves, expressway intersections and other high-traffic public spaces.

Some volunteers have set up online communication groups, providing epidemic prevention guidance and helping ease the public's fears by debunking rumors and conspiracy theories.

Local authorities have provided many supplies for the volunteers, including masks, raincoats, medical gloves and bottles of disinfectant.

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