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Shanghai Disney Resort announces new price structure
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Shanghai Disney Resort announces new price structure

Shanghai Disney Resort said on Friday it would introduce a new four-tier pricing structure and adjust rates to "better reflect local consumer visitation habits".

Effective June 6, 2020, Disney's latest theme park will add a "Regular Plus" silo on top of the existing three levels of Regular, Peak and Peak Plus (currently known as Holiday Peak).

The newly-added Regular Plus tickets, covering the majority of spring and selected weekends, is set at 499 yuan ($70.9). This is down from the current 575 yuan under similar admission conditions.

Meanwhile, Peak Plus pricing will be raised from 665 to 699 yuan, encompassing peak Chinese holiday periods and selected internationally-recognized celebrations. Detailed dates will be released prior to the new rates taking effect.

The regular admission price remains unchanged at 399 yuan, covering the majority of winter and autumn.

"The new four-tier pricing structure will allow us to more effectively spread visitation throughout the year and maximize guest experience," the resort said in a statement. "It also provides guests with a wider range of options, enabling them to make choices based on their differing needs."

Shanghai Disney Resort had a two-tier pricing structure — Regular and Peak — when it started operations in June 2016. Based on the current pricing, its admission fees remain the lowest across six Disney global resorts. Yi

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