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Shanghai classifies communities according to COVID-19 risk
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Shanghai classifies communities according to COVID-19 risk

A total of 7,624 communities in Shanghai were categorized as lockdown zones in the city's next phase to contain the outbreak, while 2,460 communities were designated precautionary zones and 7,565 marked as controlled zones, the municipal government announced on Monday.

As of 8 am Monday, 25.12 million residents had undergone another round of tests over the weekend. Of the 21.52 million results that have been produced, 25,996 were classified as abnormal. Follow-up tests to confirm those with abnormal results are currently ongoing, said Gu Honghui, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai municipal government.

"We'll adjust the list for the 'three-zone' system dynamically and strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic on residents' daily life," said Gu.

Lockdown zones refer to neighborhoods that have reported new infections over the past week, and residents are required to stay at home for a week. Controlled zones refer to neighborhoods where no infections have been reported over the past week. Residents are allowed to retrieve food deliveries or take a walk at designated spots at staggered timings within the compound.

Precautionary zones are communities that have not reported infections over the past 14 days. Residents in these areas can travel within their own sub-districts.

"Residents within controlled zones can go out of their homes, and those in precautionary zones can go out of their compounds. However, considering the COVID-19 spread in the city is still at a high level, we advise individuals to avoid unnecessary activities out of homes and still stick to remote working," Gu said. Yi

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