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Protests in Los Angeles continue after 2,500 in custody in five days
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Protests in Los Angeles continue after 2,500 in custody in five days

Hundreds of people participated in peaceful protests in several locations in Los Angeles County on Tuesday, while local authorities declared a new curfew from 6:00 p.m. local time.

In Venice community, police and National Guard members stood watch as a peaceful protest started Tuesday morning. Outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters building in the downtown area, police were recorded taking a knee in solidarity with protesters during a demonstration.

Video clips posted online showed that one of the officers lined up outside the headquarters stepped forward and spoke with the protesters before taking a knee. The officer said, "If you want to take a knee, we'll take a knee with you."

Amid protesters' chanting "take a knee" and "everybody take a knee", the policeman took his knee and three others followed him.

Tuesday's peaceful protests were launched after police arrested at least 585 people on Monday.

According to the Los Angeles Times, most arrests on Monday were made for curfew violations, but officers detained 20 people on suspicion of looting and impounded 50 vehicles.

The report also said that authorities in Los Angeles had taken approximately 2,500 people into custody between Friday and Tuesday morning after a mix of peaceful protests and property destruction rocked the city. 

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