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Project launched to preserve China's intangible cultural heritage
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Project launched to preserve China's intangible cultural heritage

A new project has been launched to preserve and promote China's intangible cultural heritage and craftsmanship as more and more players join the campaign.

The Growing Sapling Project, initiated by the China Cultural Heritage Foundation and supported by Austrian fashion jewelry brand Swarovski, will offer capital, skills training and promotion opportunities to selected folk intangible cultural heritage items.

The project is part of the two sides' partnership in preserving and promoting China's intangible cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Geng Jing, chairman of the foundation, said the project aims to encourage more people to participate in the campaign and support potential beneficiaries in growing bigger in influence.

The thriving growth of fashion brands should be built upon the preservation and promotion of history and culture, said Robert Buchbauer, chairman of the executive board and CEO of the consumer goods business at Swarovski, adding that the company is working with Chinese art design schools to integrate more China elements into their products.

China has stepped up efforts in recent years in intangible cultural heritage preservation and promotion. By September 2019, the country had seen 40 items of its intangible cultural heritage included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage lists, ranking first in the world.

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