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Over 90% young tenants troubled by housing: survey
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Over 90% young tenants troubled by housing: survey

Survey released by the China Youth Daily Thursday shows that more than 91 percent of young people in China find it is troublesome to both seek and live in rental housing.

The major problems are misleading advertisements and uncomfortable living conditions, the survey reported, adding that 61 percent the respondents said they have been misled by housing advertisements.

"Intermediaries use false advertisements with extremely low rent to attract people, but the trading prices are much higher," Cao Xin, a recent graduate in Shanghai, complained.

More than half of the tenants surveyed are concerned about the living conditions, lack of privacy and rising rent.

"The tenants are at a disadvantage in the rental market currently," said Ye Jianping, director of land policy and institution research center with the Renmin University of China. "The government needs to improve housing supply and strengthen regulation on rent."

Up to 76.4 percent interviewees call for strengthened supervision and a crackdown on the intermediaries that violate laws and regulations, said the survey, adding that 52.2 percent expect rental platforms led by the government.

The survey covered 1,920 people aged from 18 to 35 years old. Enditem

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