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Over 1,000-year-old tomb found in north China
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Over 1,000-year-old tomb found in north China

An ancient tomb dating back to the early Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) was found in north China's Hebei Province, according to archaeologists.

The brick tomb, which experts believe dates back more than 1,000 years, was discovered by a villager when cleaning an abandoned pond in Dawang village of Guangzong county.

It is a small tomb consisting of a tomb passage, a tomb gate, a tunnel and a tomb chamber.

The tomb is still being cleared and no evidence of the identity of the tomb owner has been found so far.

Shen Linzhong, an official of the county, said it is of great value to the study of the history, culture, local conditions, customs, economy and society in the southern part of Hebei.

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