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New airport express to link Xiongan with Beijing
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New airport express to link Xiongan with Beijing

An intercity express line (R1 line) linking Xiongan New Area in Hebei province with Beijing Daxing International Airport will begin construction in the near future, reported.

The R1 line is expected to reach a speed of over 160 kilometers per hour. Passengers from Xiongan can arrive at Beijing Daxing International Airport within half an hour and Financial Street in Beijing in less than an hour upon completion of the rail line.

Extending 85 kilometers, the new line is planned to have between four and six stations, with an estimated investment of about 25 billion yuan ($3.64 billion).

A city airport terminal will be set up in Xiongan's start-up area to provide check-in and baggage consignment services for airport passengers.

Xiongan will speed up establishing a rail transit network connecting itself with Beijing, Tianjin and other surrounding cities, said an official with the management committee of Xiongan New Area.

The railway will also enhance the freeway and arterial highway network, creating a convenient, safe, environmentally friendly and intelligent transportation system, said the official.

The new airport express is expected to further incorporate Xiongan into the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei shared railway network. Yi

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