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More blood sample sites opened to help resolve missing person cases
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More blood sample sites opened to help resolve missing person cases

The Ministry of Public Security recently released information on more than 5,000 free blood sample collection sites across the country to better help families reunite with their missing loved ones as soon as possible.

By capitalizing on the power of science, the ministry previously established 3,000 collection sites across the country and released their addresses and contact numbers to the public. Information from the collected samples is stored in a national database that has played a key role in assisting the investigation of abductions and helping people find missing relatives.

In March, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Health Commission and the All-China Women's Federation jointly launched a special nationwide operation targeting the trafficking of women and children.

To help uncover clues about abductions and offer maximum convenience for people who need blood sample collection services, the Ministry of Public Security expanded the sites to more than 5,000 and released relevant information through various platforms.

According to the ministry, Chinese citizens can take advantage of free blood collection anywhere in the country. Parents of abducted children, and people who believe they may have been abducted are encouraged to offer their blood samples. Yi

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