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Li assures entrepreneurs of expanded market access
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Li assures entrepreneurs of expanded market access

Premier Li Keqiang pledged on Thursday that China will continue to broaden market access in a wider range of fields while expanding opening-up.

Li made the remark while meeting with 19 global business leaders from leading companies gathered in Beijing for the seventh roundtable summit of the Global CEO Council.

China welcomes more foreign capital, Li said, and the country will strive to build a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment.

In the context of rising uncertainty and instability in the international situation, Li said, transnational companies should work together to help stabilize and push for the growth of global trade and the economy, improve global industrial chains and safeguard peace around the world.

Li expressed appreciation for foreign companies that have introduced capital, technology and new business philosophies to China through long-term cooperation during the nation's reform and opening-up drive.

"In the meantime, you already have a broad market in China as well as business returns," Li said. "Actually, we have achieved win-win results over the past decades."

Li called on the global business leaders to expand investment in the country and share in its development opportunities. He said China has allowed foreign capital to fully access the manufacturing industry and will gradually expand opening-up in the services sector.

Saying China pursues innovation-driven development, Li underlined the importance of protecting intellectual property rights. He said protecting IPR is linked to protecting innovation efforts.

China treats domestic and foreign enterprises equally and will protect all of their lawful rights and interests, including IPR, Li said.

Li reaffirmed that China is ready to synergize the Belt and Road Initiative with development strategies of various countries based on market rules and business principles to ensure sustainable cooperation.

Chairmen and CEOs from leading global companies including UPS, Volkswagen, Rio Tinto, Nokia, Schneider Electric, ABB and ArcelorMittal attended the meeting.

The business leaders said they all remain committed to strengthening cooperation with China, and want to expand cooperation with it in such fields as finance, automotives, digital economy, 5G, innovation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

They said they are committed to promoting global infrastructure connectivity, jointly upholding free trade and opposing protectionism.

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