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Kunming might punish people who play loud music on subway
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Kunming might punish people who play loud music on subway

Kunming, the capital city of Southwest China's Yunnan province, is mulling giving administrative punishment to passengers who play music publicly inside subways.

The city held a hearing on a draft code to regulate music on on urban rail transit on Tuesday. The offenders, if the new code is passed, would be recorded in the national credit information sharing platform, the news portal reported.

The draft said that passengers are not allowed to make a loud racket and play music publicly in the train. Those who violate the code will be given an administrative punishment.

According to the draft, the passenger flow on Kunming's rail transit system has been increasing and it is important to keep noise down in the subway as sound has a big impact on passengers' feelings. Some passengers, regardless of others' feelings, use electronic devices and create loud noise, which needs to be regulated.

Earlier this year, Beijing and Lanzhou, the capital city of Northwest China's Gansu province, have also issued similar regulations to punish people who play video or music publicly with loud sound inside trains and subway. Yi

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