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Ireland lists Chinese as a national exam subject for the first time
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Ireland lists Chinese as a national exam subject for the first time

The Chinese speaking test of Ireland's Leaving Certificate exam this year was held on Saturday, marking the first time the country has included Chinese as a foreign language elective subject on the national college entrance examination.

This year's Chinese test includes speaking, listening and written sections, according to the State Examinations Commission of Ireland. The speaking test will be held from April 9 to 14, while the listening test and written test will be held on June 20.

The Irish government is fully aware of the importance of creating the opportunity to learn Chinese for its students, especially against the backdrop of economic globalization and deepening China-Ireland trade ties, said Mary Mitchell O'Connor, Ireland's former minister of higher education.

More Irish people have become interested in learning Chinese, and the number of Irish students coming to study in China is also expanding, O'Connor said in 2017, adding that educational cooperation between the two countries is growing well.

More than 10 languages have been listed as foreign language elective subjects for the Irish college entrance examination, according to the State Examinations Commission.


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