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I Want To Be Good
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I Want To Be Good

Much-loved modern classic Chinese children’s book receives major new in English translation

Picked as a “Top Children's Book in Translation” by the International Committee of Children's Literature Association (ChLA), Huang Beija’s I Want To Be Good was an instant classic and huge bestseller in China selling over 5 million copies since publication in 1996.

Written by Huang Beijia, one of China's most important children's writers, I Want To Be Good has been republished in English after getting a major new English translation by award-winning UK translator Nicky Harman.

The novel is about ten-year-old Ling who is under constant pressure to do better, and pass the all-important school exams. Helen Wang writing in ChLA international committee says: “Ling just wants to be herself, to be happy, and for everyone around her to be happy. While her mother and others worry whether she’ll be good enough, Ling simply gets on with enjoying life. Ling is genuinely interested in people and the world around her. I Want To Be Good is about being happy being yourself.”

Huang Beija, Author of I Want to Be Good, says: “The story of I Want to Be Good was inspired by my personal life - the complicated relationship between mother and daughter, and to challenge the traditional thought of being a ‘Tiger Mother’ in the competitive learning environment in China. I’m delighted the book has been finally introduced to readers by the wonderful translator Nicky Harman in the UK.”

Nicky Harman adds: “It’s a book with a lot of heart and I thoroughly recommend it. I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed translating it.”

Wang Yongbo, President of Phoenix Children and Juvenile Press China, comments: “I Want To Be Good has encouraged a generation of young readers in China to be ambitious, resilient, and most importantly to be themselves! I hope the story of contemporary Chinese children will also be enjoyed by young readers and parents in the UK.”

The book has been published by New Classic Press UK (Phoenix Children and Juvenile Press China) in English and Chinese and is available for £10.99


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