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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: More than Ten Million Medical Supplies from Overseas
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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport: More than Ten Million Medical Supplies from Overseas

Since the start of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia prevention and control campaign, air freight, due to its convenience, has become the preferred method for many companies and individuals to import and donate medical supplies. At the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Customs, which is under Guangzhou Customs’ supervision, customs clearance of imported or donated medical supplies, is available for 24 hours a day. Until the 1st of February, more than ten million pieces of epidemic prevention and control materials, including medical masks, protective clothing, and goggles, were imported through the customs clearance of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport port. There is a significant portion of medical supplies donated by oversea Chinese.


Recently, a batch of 70,000 donated medical masks have arrived and have been imported through Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs opened a "Fast Track" policy. It allows the procedure that medical supplies are registered and released quickly at first and then followed by other relevant procedures. At present, these batch of medical supplies has been sent to the front line of epidemic prevention and control at Guangzhou. The batch of medical masks was donated by OMALL Ltd and delivered to the Guangdong Charity Federation. The masks will be delivered to the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, the Second Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, Southern Medical University Hospital, and the First Guangzhou People’s Hospital, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, etc.  

"After discovering the current shortage of medical protection supplies, we immediately organized overseas branches and supply teams to assemble and purchase medical masks and other materials. We donated them to hospitals at the frontline of epidemic prevention and control for free in order to contribute to epidemic prevention and control." The Vice President of OMALL Ltd, He Weicheng, introduced that the company had donated 40,000 medical masks to Wuhan previously. "We intend to import a batch of masks through customs integration, declared at Panyu Customs, and went through the clear customs at Shenzhen Baoan Airport. Although we have booked air cargo positions in advance, now the positions are full, airlines cannot deliver them in one go but can only deliver them two blocks. In the first batch, 233 boxes were transported, and the remaining 67 boxes were taken on the next flight." Feng Yufeng, the general manager of Guangzhou Hongshuo Supply Chain Company, introduced the situation to Yuan Xiaoxia, who is the contact person of a "special window" for rapid clearance at the Guangzhou Customs' Panyu branch.


On the 1st of February, the first batch of foreign non-directed medical supplies received by Guangdong went through the customs clearance at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Guangdong Qiaoxin Charity Foundation donated a batch of protective materials imported from oversea to the Guangdong Charity Federation. The materials include 10,000 N95 masks, 5,000 medical isolations suits, and 4,000 protective glasses. This batch of materials will be speedily handed to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control departments of twenty-five hospitals (units) in the province. This will be coordinated unitedly with the Office of the Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia in Guangdong.     


In order to enhance the process of the customs clearance, Guangzhou Customs has announced four leading contact people who are in charge of customs clearance and tax reduction. Based on this, twenty-six departments and fifty-seven customs units affiliated to customs have been assigned. At the same time, they will strengthen cross-border cooperation with other customs across the country and use the national customs integration model to speed up the import of medical supplies.


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