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Global hotpot? FRESHASIA FOODS is up to the challenge after breaking the Guinness World Records
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Global hotpot? FRESHASIA FOODS is up to the challenge after breaking the Guinness World Records

On November 27, 2021, FRESHASIA FOODS held a special “international hotpot party” in London, a total of 14 candidates from four continents, 13 different countries have attended this event, namely China, Britain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The activity not only allowed to taste a variety of FRESHASIA FOODS hotpot products, but also popularized the culture and eating methods to foreign friends who have never tried hotpot.


This is FRESHASIA FOODS's latest action after it successfully broke the Guinness World Record for the most people having hot pot online in 2020. As the preferred brand for Chinese in Europe for hotpot at home, it has hundreds of different products from meatball meat to hotpot paste and sliced meat etc. This year it has stepped up its efforts to bring hotpot, an iconic dish, to the world stage, inviting people from different continents and countries to taste Chinese flavor together.


Hotpot is unique as a representative of traditional Chinese cuisine, which embodies the indelible unity and tolerance among the Chinese nation. Hotpot is not only a way of cooking, but also a way of eating, it’s far more than the diet method and cultural pattern.


As the pioneer and leader in Europe to carry forward the Chinese food culture, FRESHASIA FOODS has the responsibility to undertake the obligation to assist overseas Chinese with authentic flavor, allowing the world to taste the essence of Chinese cuisine, introducing hotpot, a traditional Chinese food, to the world, so that global consumers can better understand Chinese delicacy and falling in love with authentic traditional Chinese food. FRESHASIA FOODS will continue to deliver traditional Chinese food as its own responsibility, with food as the carrier, so that the world can enjoy the authentic Chinese taste with a deeper understanding of the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture.

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