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Foreign students confident in China's anti-virus fight
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Foreign students confident in China's anti-virus fight

Wearing a mask at the gate of the dormitory of Chongqing University, Olya, from Ukraine, carefully tests the body temperature of every student with an electronic thermometer.

"Please put on your mask and register your information before entering," she reminds those passing through the gate.

Majoring in international trade, Olya is in the final year of her master's degree. She is also vice chairperson of the International Student Union of Chongqing University.

"We are paying close attention to the epidemic situation every day, and we are fortunate that our university responded very quickly and provided us with necessary help," she said.

"Though the epidemic has brought some inconvenience to our daily life, we all have full confidence in the prevention and control of the epidemic in China," said Olya.

"I've just made a PDF file explaining how to use some online shopping platforms and food-delivery apps for foreign students here," said Olya. "China has the most convenient online shopping and food delivery services in the world, so we don't need to stock up on daily commodities."

Iroegbu Paul Ikechukwu, from Nigeria, watches the English bulletin that provides the latest information on the novel coronavirus outbreak every day.

"My Chinese is still not good enough to read, and the English bulletin can keep me updated," he said.

"My family was a little worried in the beginning, but I told them that life here is normal and the university has taken multiple measures to protect us. I feel very secure," he said.

In the hall of the International College of Southwest University in Chongqing, Nigerian student Mustapha Bala Tsakuwa is explaining the transmission pattern of the novel coronavirus and epidemic prevention measures to students from different countries.

"In fact, infectious diseases are the common enemies of all humans. I hope I can share some epidemic prevention knowledge with my classmates and raise their awareness of the epidemic control and prevention," said the young man.

Tsakuwa praised China's efforts in curbing the spread of the virus. "I'm amazed at how hospitals were built in China," he said. "I think only China can make it happen to construct a hospital within days."

A volunteer team consisting of foreign students is also active in Southwest University. They were responsible for disinfecting facilities on the campus and assisting in the distribution of epidemic prevention supplies.

"Disasters and diseases are common threats that human beings are confronted with. The anti-virus effort China has made is touching and I hope the world can put aside its differences and join hands to fight against the epidemic at this time," said Ikechukwu. "I believe we'll eventually win this battle."

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