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Duofu Aviation Sells Another 80 Helicopters
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Duofu Aviation Sells Another 80 Helicopters

On 9th November, 2022, Duofu Aviation Industry Group (Duofu Aviation) held a signing ceremony for the sale of Kiss helicopters on the 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Airshow).

At the Airshow, Duofu Aviation signed a sales contract of 30 helicopters with a Shanghai technology company and received an intend order of 50 helicopters from a group corporation. All helicopters will be delivered to clients in batches as required.

Signing ceremony

The Duofu Aviation Kiss helicopter is a rare ALH powered by 180 horsepower turbo-shaft engine. With a carbon-fiber fuselage, Kiss helicopter provides long endurance, high stability and comfortable experience. The turbo-shaft engine weighs only 2/3 of a piston engine of the same capacity, and increases nearly 20% power above the average level. Its sustainable linear output, ultra-high stability and durability entitles Kiss a superior performance.

Duofu Aviation stays true to the innovation-centered ethos, and aims at advancing manufacturing of ALH and engines through acquisitions and R&D.  Building on its technology strengths, Duofu Aviation will produce cluster effect and consequently reduce manufacturing cost, making helicopters “affordable even for the whiter-collar” in business and daily life.

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