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Closer China-Africa cooperation boosting Africa's supply chain development: report
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Closer China-Africa cooperation boosting Africa's supply chain development: report

Closer cooperation between China and Africa is boosting Africa's supply chains amid various headwinds, according to a report released on Tuesday.

The report, titled "Chinese Investment in Africa (2022): China-Africa Cooperation from a Supply Chain Perspective," was published by the China-Africa Business Council. It elaborated on China's role in Africa's supply chains, Chinese enterprises' efforts in this regard and the challenges faced.

Africa's supply chains were under stress, the report said, citing negative factors such as diseases, regional conflicts and logistical snags.

However, considering its rapid population growth, Africa is still an ideal market for supply chain investment with significant potential, it noted.

The report highlighted Chinese contributions, both at the policy and local levels, that are playing crucial roles in boosting Africa's supply chain development.

Thanks to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the Belt and Road Initiative and other government efforts, China and Africa have realized practical cooperation in a wide range of areas, in particular in industrial and supply chain development.

Deeper Belt and Road cooperation between China and African countries "will play an important role in building a more integrated African continent as well as connecting Africa to global supply chains," the report noted.

Chinese enterprises have also made a great contribution to advancing Africa's supply chains in the fields of logistics, agriculture and e-commerce, among others, according to the report.

It also provided recommendations for governments and enterprises to further incentivize high-level China-Africa supply chain cooperation.

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