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Chinese traditional fermented food can help treat hyperuricemia: study
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Chinese traditional fermented food can help treat hyperuricemia: study

Probiotics from the Chinese traditional fermented food Jiangshui have been found capable of helping to treat hyperuricemia, a key biochemical basis of gout, according to Lanzhou University.

A research team from the School of Life Sciences under Lanzhou University found that the fermentum GR-3 strain isolated from Jiangshui can degrade uric acid, said Li Xiangkai, the team leader and a professor with the university.

As a popular traditional Chinese food, Jiangshui is normally made from fermented vegetables. A previous study by the study team showed that Jiangshui probiotics could alleviate hyperuricemia and gout in mice. The researchers then made yogurt with GR-3 strain isolated from Jiangshui, and conducted a two-month human trial on 120 volunteers with hyperuricemia.

Results showed that the Jiangshui-yogurt exhibited high degradation capacity for uric acid. Therefore, fermentum GR-3 isolated from Jiangshui is a therapeutic adjunct agent in treating hyperuricemia, and also helpful in reducing the accumulation of heavy metals, according to Li.

The study results have been published in iScience and a number of other journals.

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