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Chinese epidemiologist underlines dynamic zero-COVID approach, TCM role
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Chinese epidemiologist underlines dynamic zero-COVID approach, TCM role

Leading Chinese epidemiologist Zhang Boli has noted that China's dynamic zero-COVID approach does not mean "absolute zero-COVID," while highlighting the role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in treating COVID-19.

The dynamic zero-COVID approach does not mean preventing any cases from emerging, noted Zhang, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, adding that its essence is early detection and quick response measures to stop the continuous spread of the virus in communities.

With China's population density and structure, loosening control measures would lead to serious consequences such as the wide spread of the virus and a large number of severe cases and deaths, Zhang said.

He also noted that China's handling of dozens of local COVID-19 outbreaks has shown that the country has the ability to achieve dynamic zero-COVID at a relatively small cost.

Speaking of the role of TCM in treating asymptomatic and mild cases, Zhang said TCM intervention has proven effective in reducing the rate of asymptomatic and mild cases turning critical and in cutting treatment time.

Zhang noted that senior citizens aged above 60 account for 30 percent of the confirmed cases, while many elderly people have underlying diseases that make them more prone to developing severe COVID-19.

"The senior population needs our special attention," he said.

For treating seniors infected with COVID-19, Zhang said it is important to combine knowledge from different disciplines, intervene in the early stages and devise individualized treatment strategies combining Western medicine and TCM approaches.

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