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Chinese businesses voice objection to 5G discrimination in Europe
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Chinese businesses voice objection to 5G discrimination in Europe

Some European Union (EU) member states have taken discriminatory approaches in selecting 5G technology suppliers and Chinese companies in the EU are increasingly "perturbed," the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU said in a statement Thursday.

"Instead of using evidence-based technical criteria, some member states have targeted technology suppliers from non-EU countries," said the statement, which came as some EU countries took strategic and technical measures against Chinese high-tech companies following an administrative directive of the European Commission.

The China Chamber of Commerce said it is "unacceptable to divide the businesses in Europe into EU or non-EU groups based on their origination of parent company and use it as the criteria of market access."

"They are no different from the American, European, Asian or African businesses," it said, citing Huawei and ZTE, two leading Chinese 5G equipment providers, which have created about 20,000 direct jobs in Europe and those indirect jobs amount up to 300,000.

The chamber voiced concerns over "mounting uncertainties" caused by the discriminatory approaches, saying these actions have posed a threat to some Chinese companies' operation and existence in European markets.

"We are also quite concerned that the approach on 5G security by the EU, will further have seriously negative consequences on the market and the investment ecosystem," the statement added.

The chamber, representing Chinese businesses in the bloc, called on the EU to take advantage of the deep, long-term partnerships between Chinese and European market players so as to realize win-win results for both sides in 5G development. 

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