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China to regulate mystery box sales
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China to regulate mystery box sales

The Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation on Tuesday publicly solicited opinions on a draft document guiding the business of mystery boxes, which don't allow buyers to see what's inside, aiming to formulate regulations on content, form, and sales target.

Certain items should not be sold in mystery boxes, including drugs, medical devices, special cosmetics, toxic and hazardous materials, flammable and explosive products, live animals, unmarked express, food and other merchandise that have strict requirements in using conditions, storage, transportation, inspection, quarantine, supervision, and management, etc, according to the draft.

To curb food waste caused by selling mystery boxes in the catering industry, catering service operators must not induce or mislead consumers to over-order.

The draft also proposes mystery box sellers determine the prices reasonably based on production and operation costs and market supply and demand conditions.

It proposes that mystery box operators express key information such as the names, types, styles, rules, hidden pattern probability, commodity value, and more.

Operators shall not sell mystery boxes to minors under the age of eight unless the guardian's consent can be confirmed by inquiry or online identification, it was added.

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