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China-made artificial meat moon cake ready for consumption
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China-made artificial meat moon cake ready for consumption

China's first-generation domestically developed artificial meat is expected to hit supermarket shelves in September.

The artificial meat, made from soybean and pea, will be used inside traditional Shanghai moon cakes, the Changjiang Daily reported on Sunday.

Shanghai residents have already tasted the traditional snack and most could not tell the difference, the report said, noting the fake meat has zero cholesterol.

The fake meat was developed by a team from Beijing Technology and Business University led by associate professor Li Jian along with a vegan meat brand.

Li said his team conducted research on artificial meat for over two years to get rid of the plant flavors so the finished product would taste like meat.  

The first step was to simulate minced meat used in dumplings and meat balls. Faux steak, ribs, and pork can be made in the future, Li said.

The faux meat is expected to look, smell, taste, and have the similar texture as real meat, the report said.  

International food brands including Burger King have already developed and commercialized artificial meat.

Citing data from the United Nations, the report said the global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Unless consumption habits change, the fake meat could be a viable solution as there will not be enough real meat to feed people.

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