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China issues regulation on IT infrastructure security
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China issues regulation on IT infrastructure security

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a State Council decree to publish an administrative regulation on major IT infrastructure security.

The regulation was issued as the country's major IT infrastructure faces severe security challenges, including frequent cyberattacks, according to a State Council statement on Tuesday.

The regulation, which will take effect on Sept. 1, defines what can be identified as major IT infrastructure projects, and clarifies the liabilities of operators concerning the security of these projects and the penalties for offenders.

Major IT infrastructure projects are IT network facilities and information systems of major industries and in key areas, according to the regulation.

The state cyberspace administration will take charge of coordination, the public security department will provide supervision, and the state telecom regulator and other relevant departments will be responsible for the security control of major IT infrastructure projects under their watch.

Operators of major IT infrastructure and the relevant regulatory agencies will face administrative and criminal punishment if they fail in their duties, according to the regulation.

Organizations and individuals that compromise the security of such infrastructure will also receive legal penalties, per the regulation.

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