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China intensifies crackdown on malpractices in entertainment fandoms
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China intensifies crackdown on malpractices in entertainment fandoms

China's cyberspace regulator on Friday announced a set of new measures to curb the improper marketing of entertainers and regulate fandom activities.

Minors will be banned from hosting fan groups and joining the costly campaigns of pop stars, and will be restricted from taking part in pop star competition votes, the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission said in a statement, adding that online gatherings of fan groups should not target minors.

The administration also called off online rankings of individual entertainers or groups, allowing only rankings of their works such as songs or films.

Entertainment agencies will face tighter regulations, the administration said. Internet platforms have been asked to draw up clear rules for the agencies concerning marketing, public relations campaigns and fan management.

Entertainers, their agencies and fan groups that provoke online bickering among fans will face penalties on their social media accounts, such as viewing restrictions, posting bans and shutdowns.

Fan groups will need authorization from an entertainer's agency and must operate under the agency's watch.

Internet platforms are required to remove posts involving bickering and defamation among fans, and close accounts that violate rules. Those that fail to do so will face severe punishment, the administration has warned.

The administration has also warned against campaigns, online shows and rankings that lure fans to spend money on their idols. 

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