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China handles 5,753 food crimes during campaign
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China handles 5,753 food crimes during campaign

A total of 5,753 food-related crimes involving 8.67 billion yuan (around 1.24 billion U.S. dollars) of illicit money have been handled across China during a campaign against problems concerning the public wellbeing.

Launched by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission along with 15 other authorities as part of the CPC education campaign themed "staying true to our founding mission," the campaign so far has seen 3,568 dens and 1,337 gangs for food crimes busted, and 10,279 suspects arrested, according to a statement jointly released by the authorities.

Over 22,000 problems related to the quality and safety of agricultural products were handled in the campaign, with 953 enterprises without licenses cracked down.

In terms of health products, the campaign has focused on problems such as false advertising and foul sales, handling 4,977 such problems in the industry.

Problems concerning the environment and the livelihood in rural areas have also been covered in the campaign.

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