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China handles 11,000 pornography, illegal publication cases in 2020
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China handles 11,000 pornography, illegal publication cases in 2020

Chinese authorities across the nation investigated and dealt with over 11,000 cases involving pornography and illegal publications, among which 5,800 concerned online material, said a national office overseeing the work on Wednesday.

The statistics were made public by the National Office for the Fight Against Pornography and Illegal Publications, together with several other achievements made in this regard in the past year.

More than 12 million pieces of online pornography, as well as other harmful information, were blocked last year, the office said.

Regulators across the country confiscated over 17 million copies of illegal publications, as well as some 2.32 million copies of pirated textbooks and supplemental materials for primary and middle school students, according to the office.

The office added that 719,000 organizations targeting pornography and illegal publications had been established at the grassroots level to assist investigations into such cases, organize publicity activities and provide voluntary services. 

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