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Benefits of volunteering enormous, says international volunteer at Beijing 2022
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Benefits of volunteering enormous, says international volunteer at Beijing 2022

Michelle Andrea, an international volunteer in Yanqing Olympic village, is spending the best time of her life at the ongoing 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Andrea is a student of Beijing International Studies University (BISU). In Yanqing, besides her, three other international students from BISU, including Kyae Sinn Linn Lett from Myanmar, Areum Eom from South Korea and Takudzwa Duncan Maluwa from Zimbabwe, are volunteering in the home of the Olympians around the world.

"Specifically, my workplace is in Yanqing Village as an interpreter for the Athletes," Andrea told Xinhua.

"The most challenging moment is when I have to interpret English words to Chinese words that I don't know. I need to explain using basic words, illustrations, or show a picture from the internet,"

"But no worries, both the Chinese staff and the athletes understand my situation since I am a foreigner, they even support my work," the Indonesian added.

In order to ensure the volunteers are physically healthy, the organizers of the big event provide nucleic tests every morning, plus healthy and fresh meals three times a day.

According to the COVID-19 countermeasures, the volunteers must not only have enough space and time to rest, but also wear personal protective suits when they are on eight hours duty.

When talking about the unique moment in her volunteer life, the student said that it is when she randomly asked other volunteers to shoot short videos.

"It's really interesting because I still can explore my hobbies while I work. My dad told me once that the experiences are really expensive. Since we are still young, do and explore the world unless I will regret it when I'm old," Andrea wrote in her Olympic diary.

"I want to develop my photography and videography skills, having people on camera and connecting can stimulate different kinds of emotions that the written word can't. I also want to tilt my memories toward the good experiences I've had during Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. That's important to me." The diary read.

When the athletes felt satisfied after accepting Andrea's help, many of them thanked the girl from Southeast Asia and gave her their country's pins. Andrea said that although she is busy, a simple sound of "hello" as the athlete is approaching her is just a magical, incredible, and touching moment for her and the other volunteers.

"I enjoy the opportunity to put my time to good use, and I love being busy. Volunteering definitely keeps me on my toes. The feeling of involvement that has been provided," she said.

"I like the fact that I am able to help people who I have never come in contact with and will probably never see again. It gives me the feeling that I am an unsung hero to somebody somewhere. It is a great learning experience," Andrea added.

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