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Beijing postpones key tests
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Beijing postpones key tests

Beijing's education commission announced on Thursday that the capital will postpone some exams in March, including the second English listening test for the college entrance exam, originally scheduled for March 14, and the professional sports team admission test on March 21.

The second English listening test for the senior high school entrance exam will also be postponed, which was originally scheduled for March 21, according to a notice released Thursday by the Beijing Education Examinations Authority, an exam management institution under the supervision of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

The written test for self-taught students in Beijing as well as practice class registration work of self-study examination students will also be postponed, the notice said.

Some certification exams, such as the National Computer Rank Examination, scheduled between March 28-30 and the teaching qualification exam for primary and secondary teachers, originally scheduled for mid-March, will be postponed, the capital's education authority said.

Physical examinations for college admissions, professional exams for sports-major students to enter college and universities' independent recruitment tests will be carried out due to the epidemic prevention and control situation, the notice added. Yi

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