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Beijing Expo 2019 to hold Beijing theme day in nearly 50 activities
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Beijing Expo 2019 to hold Beijing theme day in nearly 50 activities

Beijing theme day is to be launched from May 1 to 3 for the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing China with its opening ceremony to be held at Guirui Theater.

Apart from boosting Beijing's service sector, the three-day event will focus on displaying Beijing’s achievements in development and the building of ecological civilization, historic and cultural landscapes, and exchanges with the world.

Nearly 50 activities will be held during the event to improve Beijing’s influence in the international community and promote economic, trade, and cultural cooperation as well as exchanges between Beijing and the world.

The China-Central and Eastern European Countries Culture and Art Carnival will be a major highlight during the event.

100 foreign artists within 18 troupes from 12 Central and Eastern European countries will put on nine shows that will each last 45 minutes each day.

Exhibitions of traditional Chinese crafts and Chinese cultural activities will also be rolled out at the event.

The event will be attended by four international organizations, 48 countries and regions, seven central and state organs.

Over 200 representatives from 10 Beijing municipal organs and eight provincial, autonomous regional and municipal trade promotion organizations, more than 100 entrepreneurs and 117 foreign guests will also be present.

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