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A rare animal from Hainan welcomes his Hangzhou "bride"
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A rare animal from Hainan welcomes his Hangzhou "bride"

“命大”  (Mingda, meaning tenacious vitality), a 7-year-old female white-cheeked gibbon from Hangzhou Zoo, arrived in Haikou on 16 Jan for her blind date. “命大” met for the first time with “亮亮” (Liangliang, meaning bright) , an 8-year-old male white-cheeked gibbon living in the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, and they will be caged together "for a good relationship" soon.


Mingda (right) met for the first time with Liangliang (left). Photo by Luo Yunfei

The white-cheeked gibbons are endemic to the border areas of China, Laos, and Vietnam. Due to the scarcity of this species, it has been listed as a first-class national protected animal and is listed as a critically endangered animal by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

“命大”, a female white-cheeked gibbon born in December 2014, was abandoned by her mother and injured after falling from a height at Hangzhou Zoo. After being taken care of by her keepers, she was returned to the gibbon exhibit from the artificial nursery. Therefore, she was named “命大”, which means tenacious vitality.


“命大” Mingda. Photo by Luo Yunfei


“亮亮”, the only white-cheeked gibbon in captivity in Hainan, has entered the mature breeding period.


“亮亮” Liangliang. Photo by Luo Yunfei


Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden and Hangzhou Zoo have agreed to jointly breed white-cheeked gibbons. According to relevant regulations, “命大”will spend the adaptation period alone in the exhibition area, and the park is expected to arrange the pairing of “亮亮”and “命大” on February 14, 2022 (Valentine's Day) .

At present, “命大”has initially adapted to the park environment. The park has arranged a shed of more than 30 square meters for “命大”. “命大” and “亮亮”in the adjacent exhibition area will occasionally interact with each other. It is believed that after a period of "running in", the two sides will become more accustomed to each other.


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